Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Watch this sneak preview first before moving on with the rest of this post. The girl in this video was asked this question, "Do You Like It Longer". What did she answer?

lg chocolate bl40
do you like it longer
long r rated story

Do you like it longer?

Here's how Blake looks like.

lg chocolate bl40

Yes, I'm talking about the latest LG Chocolate BL40 phone! What were you guys thinking of?

So, do you still like it longer?


Video credits goes to Joey.K from and Joyce Cheryl.


Cassie said...

I've just posted my entry for the contest too! Yours is really's so competitive...XD

hydir said...

hoho .. cool post for the contest ..

watch my vids for the contest!

kenwooi said...

hmm i dont understand what are the videos for..

Charmaine said...

Wah! Is this what the 'YES' is for?

Aidi-Safuan said... entry u have here. nice 1! good luck~