Monday, February 15, 2010

Cute Eggy Emoticons

Do you use emoticons much when chatting with your favourite IM service? Do you wish to use Eggy to show your emotions on Windows Live Messenger? I have create some basic Eggy emoticons with basic expression that we use during chats. Take a look!

aiks angry confused cry default
     aiks         angry       confused      crying       default

happy hearts sad swt tongue
happy           in love          sad           swt           blerk

Cute aren't they? If you wish to use them for your emoticons, please feel free to do so. You can download the zipped file here (Eggy Animated Emoticons 1). If the link does not work, then you'll have to just copy each emoticons maunally (Right-click and Save).

Just add them to your Custom Emoticons list after that. If you are having trouble adding the emoticons, do let me know. I'll help you out.

Once you get the chance to use them. Do let me know what you think. Feedbacks are much appreciated!

p/s: Oh yeah, the idea was suggested by Joey.K. Go check her out!


Victor Tan said...

I'm first to comment xD I saw typo!
"Cure, aren't they?"

"Cute, aren't they"
Harap maklum, and btw, the eggs are real cute xD

Joey.K said...

i like the aiks one most...

Fina Fento said...


**~Pu-3~** said...

Wow you made them? :D Impressive :) So cute!

 Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё  said...

wheee, cute eggy is now on msn going around ! cutee ! but if the confuse one, the eyes spinning im sure it will looks moree cute and better =D no offence, just commenting ^^

Tekkaus said...

Outstanding bro. Now we are can use it. LOL :D

Dylan Phuah said...

Victor Tan:
Owh! Thanks for pointing out! :D
Anyways, did you download the Eggy Emoticons? ^^

you use that the most! HAHA!

Fina Fento:
Download! Download!

yupe! I made every single one of them. do download them to be used in msn yeah! :)

Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё:
thanks for the support! Spread Eggy around! :D
i tried to make the eyes spin, but i failed. :( will try again maybe in the second batch of emoticons.

Did you download it? hehe~

Joey.K said...

because that is cute ma...