Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eggy in Bleach | Bankai!

I've been thinking very hard on what to update each day but I can't find any topic to update you guys on because the only thing I've been doing for the past few days is sitting in front of the laptop from morning till morning.

So this blog is filled with lots and lots of filler posts. Just like this one when I decided to draw Eggy in Bankai form.

bleach bankai


kenwooi said...

demonegg from eggworld! =P

maslight said...

Too much bleach ah?

Himmat Singh said...

Haha...martial arts elements incorporated into your eggy!

Dylan Phuah said...

haha, my eggy is very angelic okay. :P

haha! yeah! can't wait for it to go back to the original series. i'm bored of the fillers already.

Himmat Singh:
:D it's actually an inspiration from an anime show.

stephy-nie said...

bankaiii! I miss bleach... @@

Tekkaus said...

Haha :D So when it will be in hollow mode?