Friday, February 12, 2010

A Full Text Entry Because My Mouse Is Broken

Since I haven’t bought a new mouse yet, I’m not going to open up my Adobe Illustrator to draw a comic update today because if I did, I think I’d die of frustration. I’ve been using this ‘broken mouse’ for a very long time already. Why didn’t I get a new mouse sooner? I don’t know myself. Call me lazy.

This will be the first meaningless post blogged in full text I guess. There’s nothing much to say because I’ve been a lazy doofbag for the past week or so and still I refuse to go out to get myself a new mouse.

Anyway, not going for classes will make me forget what time, date or day it is today. Seriously, I’m not sure whether today is Thursday or Friday. *checking my computer calendar now* Owh, so it’s a Friday and that makes tomorrow Saturday and the eve of Chinese New Year and also Valentines Day.

Speaking about these two celebrations, have you noticed that because CNY is on the same date as Valentines Day, there hasn’t been much Valentines Day promotion or decoration going around anywhere. It’s like Valentines Day for the year 2010 does not exist!

But then again, the CNY mood and feel seems to be decreasing each and every year! It’s sad to see that our very own culture diminishing. After maybe 10 more years, CNY might just be known as ‘just another public holiday’! WTF!

I’ll stop here for today. To those of you who are balik-ing kampung, do drive safe. Be safe and stay healthy.

Hey, my post turned out to be not meaningless after all!

Till next time. Bye!


 Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё  said...

absolute agree with you, it's driving me crazy when i use adobe photoshop without my mouse and editing and designing stuff like that. touch pad wont help much, somehow extending my time ):

Yesss, i dont see valentine's decos and stuff selling much around. Sighs, 2010 valentine doesnt seems to exist lah.

Jas said...

Buy new mouse! (:

Fina Fento said...

happy CNY dylan!

Medie007 said...

T.T couldn't agree more with the diminishing CNY mood! T.T

i want my CNY mood back!

Aus said...

ur word...

balik - ign kampung...
tak boleh bla..

kalau senang datang la baca :

Tekkaus said...

Perhaps as we get older...we don't really enjoy it anymore? I still love CNY. :)

Get a new mouse bro. :)