Monday, November 17, 2008


Here's a full article of what I'm supposed to submit to my English tutor in college. We were asked to create a blog using the college system and to submit entries every now and then. So, I've just typed this entry out a moment ago and I thought, why waste such a good entry (praises myself). Haha! So, I'm going to submit it here also, just for anyone who is interested to read.

Title of Entry: How Did I Prepare or Feel Before My Individual Presentation

Presentations. When was the last time you gave a presentation in class? Back in primary school? Secondary school, maybe? Isnt’s everyone scared to do presentations back then? Whenever your teacher says, “Okay class, we’ll be having an individual presentation next week.” Then I’m sure you’ll be like frowning already. Then the teacher continues,” You can choose your own topic.” Well that at least brings back a little smile.

So right now I’m already in college pursuing my diploma and guess what? There will still be presentations assignments given. Oh no! So what happened was during my English class, we were supposed to prepare for a individual presentation which was part of our coursework. Good thing is, we were given a chance to have a free topic. A topic where we can choose for ourselves! For the first time after so many years! A free topic! Now what will I be talking about? My family? No no no, too kindergarten. Factual topics such as social problems among teenagers or maybe something about health? I guess not, this would be too boring then. I guess I’ll just talk about why the sky is blue and why the grass is green. Hey wait a minute, can I talk about this topic? Is it acceptable? Better not, my coursework marks are on the line. I guess I’ll have to choose a topic which reflects on us teenagers now. Something which we can all connect with. Let me think. Right! Relationship problems. I guess I’ll choose this topic, How to Maintain a Good Relationship.

Preparations for presentations are always the hard part for me as I will have to search and google for my main points. So, its off to my beloved laptop I go (switches on my notebook, clicks on Connect). ‘How to Maintain a Good Relationship’ is typed into the search bar and out comes 3214312 result links.

After a few tiring hours of searching, the number of main points I got was ZERO! I guess the internet doesn’t have all the answers after all. Now, I’m going back to my moody mood. Sitting there thinking about other stuff and not wanting to do my presentation anymore. After daydreaming for quite some time, a light bulb suddenly appeared on top of my head. Wait a second, I thought. My topic is an easy one, I can make my own key points. That’s because I can surely and definitely relate to this topic myself.

So there I go, writing down all the points I have in my head, I guess typing is the right word to use here. I have all the points I want all along inside of my head. That’s great! Minutes have passed and I’m already finished with my whole outline for my presentation.

Now comes the memorising part. Oh, you don’t know how much do I hate to memorise but I guess that’s what students do. They memorise to pass their exams. Malaysian students do anyway. So on and on I went repeating the same lines over and over again, trying to get the exact same words into my head. When I reached the 10th time, I realised that memorising doesn’t really help. I think I will need to change my strategy. No more memorising. Now what can I do? Students memorise huge stacks of notes to pass in their exams and I can’t even memorise one single piece of paper?! I guess that’s why I’m doing badly in my subjects. That piece of RAM inserted in my brain just isn’t enough. I’ll have to wait for the next PC Fair to get a new one.

Now if memorising one full page doesn’t help, I will need to resolve to another solution which is to memorise half the page. Memorising half the page? Now how will I be able to do that? MEmorising only the key main points of course. There are only three! How hard can that be. So, all I have to do now is to memorise three main points and elaborate on the spot during the presentation. That wouldn’t be that hard.

Right after that, I went on practicing my presentation. Doing it over and over again, saying it standing up, on my bed, walking around, upside down. Well, maybe not upside down, was exaggerating on that. I’ve repeated so many times until I can read my presentation to you backwards.

So I guess I’m prepared then. Hope that things will go well during the presentation. Second task for now, is to get myself a formal wear. So, its off to shopping right now!