Friday, November 21, 2008

A Moment With Your Kakiis Contest

Wow! Nuffnang has organized yet another contest for us bloggers, photographers and video directors. =D This time in collaboration with Kakiis, Nuffnang brings us 'A Moment With Your Kakiis' Contest!

All you have to do is to submit a video or a picture of your best kakiis to be in the running for the amazing prizes!

For the video entries:
The Grand Prize, 1x MacBook Air will be up for grabs and 4x Consolation Prize of Apple iPod Touch will be given away. Yupe, you didn't read wrongly, they are giving away Apple iPods as the consolation prizes and you thought consolation prizes are always lame stationeries like pencils and pens. Haha!

For the picture entries:
3x SONY SkinnyT Cameras will be given away!

Tempting enough? There's more! All participants in the video and photo contest will also stand a chance to get an exclusive invite to a 'Kakiis Nite Out' event with even more great prizes to take home with you!

For more detailed information, go to Nuffnang's blog entry on Friendship for the Win.

Besides the prizes, I will give you some information about Kakiis. Kakiis is like some sort of online socializing website where you can create circles of friends and communicate with each other. Create albums and list down events are some of the services offered.

For more information, please visit their homepage,

and here's the link to the contest page, Kakiis' Contest Page.

So, continuing on with my entry. I'm going to post up a picture of my best kakiis!

Here they are.

The O Ar Club!
Here's a short intro on them. 'O Ar' is actually in Hokkien which means crow. You know, as in the black bird. Erm, if you're still blur, then do you remember back when you're in kindergarten days, there's this story about a bird which wants to drink from a bottle, but the water level was too low. So, it dropped small stones into the bottle so that the water level will rise? Yeah, I'm talking about the crow.

Well, to most of you, you see crows as ugly birds because it's coloured black. These girls have decided to name their group as the 'O Ar Club'. Have you seen such beautiful crows before?

If you have been following my blog, I'm sure you will know who these five pretty girls are. They are the 5 best friends who were brought together because of a purple umbrella. From left to right, we have Eri, Beyonce, Mabelle, Madelyn and Michelle.

Ever since the day they met each other, they've became the best of friends ever since. Doing everything together; eating, shopping, party-ing, applying make-up and many many more! Now they're are not just pretty girls only, they are pretty and talented. That's right, recently they have joined a talent competition in college called Encore Nite. They have entered the dancing category and are now practicing hard for the night to come.

I don't think there is any way, you can find some other group of friends so tightly bonded together. I am very grateful to have gotten to know these five girls. We've kind of known each other through dancing also. I got to know them from a co-curicular activity in college. That's when I have gotten to know Madelyn first. Well, that's because she was my dance partner at that time and in a way she had introduced me to her friends. Am I lucky or what?

Let me see, I've gotten to know Eri a little bit better with the help of technology. Haha! I'm talking about Windows Live Messenger or the better known term, MSN. As for the twins, Mabelle and Michelle, I've gotten to know Michelle the same time when I've gotten to know Madelyn. That's because she was also in my dancing group. =) And Mabelle, being Michelle's twin sister, well, when you get to know one, eventually you'll get to know the other. XD Beyonce, I've gotten to know her a little bit later after that.

Being such close friends, you just have to get all of them together and snap a picture of them. So, that's how I got the photo above. Nice right?

And so, that's that. A brief intro on how I've gotten to know these five pretty ladies who have became my kakiis!

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