Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Madagascar Movie Premiere and Movie Review

Last night I went for the movie premiere of Madagascar 2 in GSC Mid Valley! Once again, my first ever movie premiere! Haha!

I reached Mid Valley around 7pm and collected my tickets a little bit after 7.30pm, after my dinner (teppanyaki).

I managed to take a couple of pictures of the crowd, well, not so crowded in a way probably because I went late to collect my tickets?

Madelyn and I went around walking in Mid Valley to pass the time. Screening only starts at 9pm (a little bit later than 9pm actually because they had to get everyone into the halls first; so the advertisements started at 9pm. Haha!)

So, we went back up there about 8.30pm and we saw this...

Alex the Lion!

and Skipper the Penguin (I got his name correct right?)

So, why waste time? Picture time!

Cute aite?!

Went in the hall after that. End of story. =)

Movie Review: Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa

I'm going to write a short movie review just for you guys who have missed the premiere that day and to those who are die hard fans of Madagascar.

The movie started of with a short recap of the first movie. Talking about how Alex was captured and brought to New York and became the King of New York!

Then it went back to real time, where the grown up gang of four, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, was about to get on a plane (Air Penguin) to get back to New York.

King Julian and Maurice who also got onto the plane.

Just when they thought everything would be okay, they crashed landed on what they call it their ancestral land. In human words, Africa itself. =) This is where the adventure started.

Crashed landed in the middle of Africa.

In Africa, Alex was reunited with his father, Zuba and his caring mother. The story of Alex in Africa really was full with pride as Alex has to prove himself to everyone and save Africa (wait for the movie to know more).

Then there is the other story to it of Gloria finding love, only to find out later on in the movie that Melman, the giraffe, actually liked her a long time ago.

These are not the only adventure in Madagascar 2 as there is also the part where Makunga, the villian of the movie, tries to take over Zuba's position as the Alpha Lion.

Thrills and laughter awaits you in this sequel of Madagascar. Wait for it as it comes to you local cinema screens soon!

I like to move it, move it!

Pictures of movie review: Courtesy of Nuffnang's Madagascar Press Kit (was sent to me by Chingy)


Horizon said...

Another funny animation movie! I'm definitely going to watch it! ^^

Harry said...

wth? u went? lolz.. should had ask u in us along at burger king to gather around..

Dylan Phuah said...

yupe! definitely a funny one! =D

yeala i went la. haha! you all gathered in burger king?

Harry said...

typo.. was at carls junior.. sama2 burger.. so mixed up a bit..

Dylan Phuah said...

oh..haha! aite aite

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