Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Actually Won Something!

Just minutes ago, I've gotten to know that I've won myself a High School Musical 3 Soundtrack from All Malaysian Bloggers Project through a contest I joined some time ago! Yeah!

All Malaysian Bloggers Project

Besides the lucky me, Joshuaongys won too. XD I'm wondering when will my CD be arriving. They said that they'll contact me through e-mail but I haven't received any mails in my inbox yet. I've gotten to know that I've won the contest from the AMBP Group I joined in Facebook.

I'm waiting anxiously now.

Anyways, WOW! This is my 3rd blog post for the day! Haha! Getting to hyped up today on blogging. Do scroll down a little bit further to read on my other posts. But in today's case, not much reading has to be done. Haha! Scroll down to get what I mean.