Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Kakiis Contest: Video Entries

Here are my video entries for the Kakiis Contest. Altogether 3 entries! Woohoo! But wait a minute, isn't the contest going to end on the 5th of December? And that's like only a few more days away. Am I going to get enough votes to get to the top? I guess it's all up to you guys now.

Entry No. 1: O_ar Zou Siao

This entry is all about the O_ar Club having fun. Cat chasing mice? Haha! Hope ya'll understand mandarin though.

Entry No. 2: Contemporary Dance by 16 Stylez

Here's where we won 2nd place in our college's Contemporary Dance-off!

Entry No. 3: O_ar Club Dance

A dance video by the O_ar Club

That's all folks. I've done my part uploading. It's your turn now to vote. Thanks a lot for all who did and all who will! :D