Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting Ready For 2013

Two more days to go till the new year arrives. 2012 has been full of unexpectedness for me. Some good and some not so good. Well, it's about time for a new beginning.

Anyway, I finally unboxed my Christmas present. Thank you Caroline for the thoughtful gift. It has been awhile since I last received one.  : )

christmas present dylanzd carolinelzt 2012 december

It came with a cute card and a.. erm.. 'pen'. Wasn't really expecting these. So it was a pleasant surprise. It's always heartwarming to read a self-written note.

And yes, she got me a planner. Must be because she got tired of nagging me to plan my stuff earlier. Now, with this planner I'll have no excuses not to have planned things out properly.

Really appreciate the effort and thought of you getting me this. Thanks!

Let us look forward to a better year ahead.

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