Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Was Not Great After All


Greetings. I am Mr Squinty Eyes. I come from a world far far away and now have taken over this blog.

Anyway, back to business. I'm sure that not many will be reading this post as I tend to lose readers whenever I take a hiatus from blogging but I don't care. It's not you that I want. I know I am a week early to make a year's end blog post and to make a recap of 2012 but I'm going to do it now anyways.

Rewinding back to the start of the year, it was January 2012 and I thought to myself it will be a good year this time. It's my year. Yes, I was born 24 cycles before. However, things weren't going my way the whole time. Everything seems to be running downhill right from the start. It still is but I do wish for it to stop soon.

Not sure if it's just my thoughts but nothing seemed to went right this time around. Well, there were some happy things that happened. My head shrunk smaller.


Good times, bad times. It happens to everyone. It'll soon be 2013. So let's put aside the past and hope for the best.

Things to do in year 2013:

1. Catch a wild Pikachu


2. Quit my current course and enroll in a make-up course


3. Get a tattoo


4. Sing the national anthem in Genting Highlands


5. Buy a bag-pack


6. Graduate from the make-up course


7. Eat raw processed food


8. Level-up on selca skills


9. Be a total goof

and most importantly,

10. To get to know more awesome friends


That's my Top10 list of things to do in 2013. Which one shall I start off with?

In the meantime, let's listen to some music. Introducing, Jason Chen's Gravity.

Caught up in you gravity
Don't know how you got me

Christmas is almost here. So where's my present?



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Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

Can't remember much on what I did in 2012. LOL.

Dylan Phuah said...

@Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan:
Nothing mind-blowing happened for you in 2012? Maybe something huge will happen in 2013. Happy New Year!