Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 | Pre-Event Post

If you are a fan of the Asian music scene, then get a heads up as the Tiger Asian Music Festival is back! This time it will be held at Sunway Lagoon on the 14th of April beginning at 6.30pm till late!

tiger asian music festival 2012

Featuring artists such as Paul Wong &  Ka Keung (Beyond), A Yue, Manhand, A-Lin, Jam Hsiao, LMF and MC Hotdog!

This is certainly not a party to be missed.

I remember back in my schooling days where LMF was one of the biggest hits among my friends and I. LMF's 含家玲 was da bomb I tell you!

And who could forget one of the biggest band in Hong Kong, Beyond?! Below are some of their songs that I truly like and just can't forget.

Ahh, these just bring back memories. With two of my favourite Canto artists performing during Tiger's Asian Music Festival, I just cannot miss out on this chance to attend the event.

tiger asian music festival 2012

So get your ass there party people. Let's meet up and party the night away!

For more information about this event, visit their official website.

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