Thursday, March 29, 2012

SNSD and The Dangerous Boys

I sleep when the sun rises and wake up when the sun sets. Have to turn my time back around soon.

Anyway, the semester break has started for me and I'm as free as a bird, that explains my weird sleeping habits. So what do I do for the whole day? I'll only sit in front of my iMac and surf Facebook, watch YouTube and read Twitter feeds.

I'm like wasting my life here but that's just all I want to do now unless you call me out.

Anyway, I've taken great interest in the K-pop group sensation Girls' Generation recently.

girls generation

Which is why I've been catching up with their videos and reality/variety shows on YouTube. I've just recently finished watching SNSD and the Dangerous Boys. It a show about the SNSD girls trying to bring 5 delinquent boys back to the right path. Quite a nice show I must say if you're a SoShi fan.


By the way, after finished watching the whole series, I've finally managed to recognise the girls individually. It was so hard for me to differentiate one from the other last time because all of them look the same to me. LOL!

They are indeed nine beautiful ladies.

Here's the first three parts of Episode 1 to SNSD with The Dangerous Boys.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I've watched some parts of this series and want to watch the whole thing. It's quite touching. I wish I could touch people in that kind of a positive way too. Hwaitting!