Friday, December 23, 2011

The Long Wait

The Arrival: 0730 hours

Went to the Immigration Department to get my Passport renewed and was taken aback with the long queue even though it just opened. It's places like this that has the craziest queues!


And to top all of that craziness, I had to wait for 60 people + some others more to go through until it was my turn. Only three to four counters were operating. Damn, they should hire more personnel. I had to wait an agonizing 3 hours plus (from queing time) to actually get my papers processed and paid for.


The only plus is that, your passport will be ready in less than one hour! It says to wait for one hour, so I went for lunch and came back in 45 minutes to see that my number was already called out. Went straight to the counter to collect. Awesome much.

The Departure: 1215 hours 

Will be traveling to Singa-land end of the month. Will you be there?

p/s: I hate children/kids/babies in places like these (government departments/banks/etc). So noisy can! When they walk around I have to avoid bumping into them, afraid that they might fall 'cuz they so short and small. =.= Whaddafreak!

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TZ said...

Enjoy your trip @ Singa-land eh~ I basically grounded and no where i could go after my 17 days vacation in the land of smile. Now it's time to catch up with work :p