Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeling Shitty

Stayed awake throughout the night (morning) and now it is six in the morning. I'm up because this is what I do to my body daily, messing up my biological clock just because I can.

Currently feeling shitty like crap stressing out on unfinished projects. I was feeling okay earlier, just that I kept on thinking about it, makes the feeling build up inside of me. Now I feel like a ticking time bomb which is going to explode any minute. My head literally feels like bursting into a million pieces.

These past four months hasn't really been much productive to me. You know when they say that one wrong move may spoil your whole day or something like that? Well, it kinda happened to me in a way that I wasn't too pleasant with something earlier which kinda made the rest of the months miserable for me.

This is the time when I would just want it to end so that I could get a fresh start. Doesn't everybody think of this every now and then? I myself have thought of this a lot of times but still it comes back every time to haunt me. Yes, because I procrastinate a lot. Can't blame me though.

Feeling lost these past few months not knowing what to do. Don't you hate it when you feel miserable and that you have to accomplish something at the same time? Ironically speaking, I do know what I want in the future and that's kinda stopping me from my current goals. It's so frustrating trying to make time run faster. Not that it's a good thing though.

Today's the day when I actually had to look away from my Facebook feeds because reading other people's statuses about work just isn't helping.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Feeling slightly better now.


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¨†¨ ケイラ·KAERAHLrykaLenr// said...

ya. I procrastinate alot too. But don't feel bad, ! even time "wasted" is good as it helps our body to gain comfort :p stay positive yea? :)