Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hebe Tian My Love Promo Tour in Malaysia


I got to know some weeks ago that Hebe Tian was coming to Malaysia to promote her solo album entitled 'My Love'. Apart from banners hanging around town, most of its promos were done online through social media, well at least that was how I had gotten to know that she was coming.

So just awhile ago, I attended her meet-and-greet at TAR College KL. That was my first time ever queuing up for more than two hours just to see a celebrity (from a very far distance because I haz no VIP tickets!). I was at the venue around 6pm while entry was only allowed at 8pm. Once inside, fans still had to wait for another hour until Hebe's appearance. So that total's up to about 3 hours of waiting time. That was an agonizing period for me standing with an empty stomach.

Nonetheless, once the sweetheart Hebe Tian walked in, all the wait felt worthwhile; at least for a few moments. She sang two songs, one of which was 'My Love'. Hebe was and still is my favourite one among the three from the group S.H.E. which was why I had to grab this opportunity to go to this event. Nothing beats watching your all-time pop idol in reality.

I couldn't take good quality photos as I had no zoom lens with me. I was only armed with Mr. Mark and a 50mm prime. Photos below were all cropped for a better view. Shall wait for her to come back to Malaysia for a concert some time soon.

Till next time. :]




This was how far away I was standing. A good 15 to 20 meters away!



**UPDATED 11Dec2011**

A short video cover by SinChewiChannel.


Anonymous said...

Thx for de photo sharing, she indeed gorgeous.

Jacy said...

She turns mature-er as year goes by :) like!