Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Horse Painting Progression

I'm so tired right now. Been coming back home late at night ever since the horse transformation competition started. That's why you see that my blog is not updated daily or at least regularly.

As promised, here's two pictures of how the horse looks like.

selangor turf club horse transformation

horse transformation horse do fly

About 8 more days to go! Jia you! I'm tired. Have to stop here. Till the next update, bye!


erwinator said...

that's gonna be one unique horse there. nice painting skills :-D

ohmywtf said...

wat are the horses for? Turf club??

Aby Umy said...

salam kenal dari
kalau ade mase singgahlah ke blog saye :)

Ng said...

im WeiKian from Saito Collge ^^!/nwkian
U can see our final from my FB, cuz our horse really last minutes @_@