Monday, July 6, 2009

Talentime Night 2009: Maximerz

A Short One:

I hate prank callers! Especially the ones who call and don't talk and especially those who call in the middle of the night! Fcuk you bastards!

Are there any way which we can report them?

Another year, another event. Talentime Night (TT Nite) 2009 had finally ended last night. This year's theme was Maximerz. I think it means circus, like what was told by the emcess that night. Still could not find the meaning in the dictionary. Maybe its not English. Oh well, doesn't matter.

This year was the first time I attended TT Nite in TAR College. I little intro about TT before i move forward. TT Nite is an annual event held in TAR College a couple of months after every May intake of freshmen. TT Nite is all about bring together talented people to an audition where finalists will be able to perform on the actual day itself to win the champion award for their respective categories.

There are 4 categories all together. There are the singing category, dancing category, instrumental category and the still new (making it the 3rd one this time around) emcee-ing category. The singing category are split into group and solo act.

That so happen to be all that you need to know about TT Nite.

So here we go. Talentime Night 2009 : Maximerz. I went to college around 5pm or so, so lucky that I got a free ride there. Thanks to whoever drove me there. Hehe! ^^

When I reached there were already people around. Most of them went into the hall already as the arrival time for studetns was set at 4pm. Before I went in, I took a picture of the buntings showing the finalists for the night.

Flashed my ticket and went into the hall after that. I got a crappy seat just a couple of seats next to the entrance. Oh great! But I didn't care much. I was still alone at that time. Damn, it was pure boredom still all alone with nothing to do. They kept playing some video about the finalists on the projector where I got bored watching after awhile. So much for that.

Then clowns started to come out. Running here and there doing what clowns are suppose to do. So, I guess that seemed to be some sort of entertainment while people wait for the show to start. They should had come out much earlier though. I was almost bored to death. However, I cant really see anything from the place I was sitting, there wasn't much to see anyway.

After waiting for a miserable one hour or so. Finally something started! Two emcees came out from behind the curtains and I though great! Shows gonna start! Until they stood there not talking and doing some act with the clowns. Oh crap! I gotta wait somemore. I guesses they were stalling time. These things happen during events. So I guess it was okay.

When the show finally started, the first performance was by the finalists. They came out and did their stuff. A short performance of whatever they were performing. I haven't really got a clue what they were performing actually. I dance act didn't look like a dance act and an insturmental act didnt look like one. Well, I guess they were just serving the theme. Circus! Oh, but I did love the beat-boxing. This was the first time I listened to a live beat box. It was great!

Great beat-boxing em-cee (notice the guy in black suit)

Didn't know what they were playing.

Not too sure what they were dancing either.

After that the competitions started. Singing, dancing and intrumental. I didn't take much pictures during this time. Blame it all on my digital camera. Can't really take sharp quality pictures in a dark hall. What more with so many movements on stage.

About halfway before the show, actually even before the show started. People sitting around me were getting out from their seats and walking out of the hall, where they need to pass though the place where I'm sitting. So, every minute there will be some walking out. Then at the next minute, they will be walking in again. Its okay if you do it once or maybe twice but not a million gazillion thousand friggin time! Can't you just sit at your uffin' seat and stay put! Why do you have to walk in and out, in and out, in and out? Is because your freakin' bladder is the size of a peanut that you need to go to the loo every 60seconds?! Damn these people.

There are many things I like about the event.

I liked that ribbons.

I liked the spot light.

I super liked the backdrop. It impressed me this time.

And I liked the colourful lights on the ceiling.

Oh, I loved their paper bag too!

But one thing I hate the most was the management of the uffin' doors by the security guys. I simply just can't understand why would you guys lock everybody in during a performance and only allow the doors to open after one?! First, its totally and I mean TOTALLY ANNOYING seeing people walk in and out (I'm sitting right next to the door remember?). If you want to lock them then keep people in, just fcuking lock them. If you want to let people in and out, just leave the doors as it is. But what I still can't understand is, why can't you guys just leave one fcuking entance and exit door behind the hall and lock the rest of the doors! As the door is behind the hall, it can hardly disturb any of the people inside. Common' man, leaving just one door for entrance and exit is way better than having to open and close doors every now and then. It even lessen your manpower. I see 2-3 security people, sometimes more standing at the door next to me just to let people in and out. Total crap-ness. Here's a tip, a very USEFULL tip. JUST LEAVE ONE FCUKING DOOR FREE AND LOCK THE OTHERS!

Then again, I can't blame it all on the security guys. Here's the part where I talk about the students cum audience cum ANNOYING PEOPLE. If you know you are going to watch a whole show, take a leak before you come in. Answer all your calls before you come in. And if it really is an emergency, don't stand at the door jamming the whole freaking pathway waiting for the door to open and having your hands touching me once every milisecond! I'm not gay! Can't you just go back to your seat or go someplace else to wait? Use a rubber band or a cork next time! Pfft! Kids!

I wonder why they did not announce to the audience (with the mic) that entering and exiting the hall can only be done after every performance? I wonder. If you don't want to do that, why not just LEAVE ONE FREAKING DOOR OPEN BEHIND THE HALL!

I was watching you guys walking in and out more than wathing the performances on stage!

Yeah, so whatever. Results were announced. The show ended.

The whole event was a success. So, to the organizers, you did a great job. Although there were minor setbacks from my point of view, you guys did good. To me, the performances by the finalists didn't really 'wow' me. I don't know, I'm just not entertained at some points. The singing was so so, nothing special about the dance moves and instrumental music was not my type. So, wasn't 'wow-ed'

Maybe I'm just too into Max Identity's dancing or maybe C172 or whatever they call themselves. Its just a group of people from TARC who what I think dances really great. Currently still enyoing their dance moves. That's why in my opinion, the Ex-TT Finalists performance was the best of the night! I actually went there just to see them perform. :D

Here's the video of the performance by the Ex-TT Finalists! Saw it from Angku's blog and I traced it in YouTube, so I pasted it here. This version is better than my version. Note the place I was sitting and my digicam. :S

Great performance!


After the event, its time for dinner. Where to? Friends Cafe, Wangsa Maju.

(sorry for the low lighting pictures. I didn't want to use flash and I'm kinda lazy to edit them)

Accompanied by a pretty lady.

Had turkey spaghetti.

Cheese baked rice with Narsolini sauce (did I spell Narsolini correctly?)

Jasmine tea

Honey Tea

And that's a rap.


10人 said...

yo...thanks for coming to TT 09!!
we gt 4 catergories...including instrumental..

Ex-tt performance is done by whole TT family!!MI and C172 is apart of the whole TT...

yenniedoll said...

wow, what a great show. =D

Dylan Phuah said...

opps! 4 categories. forgot bout the insturmental. will go edit it straight away!

and yeah...great performance :D

yupe yupe! super great show...!

Luna said...

i went TT nite too ^^
but i reached there around 6pm
so i have to wait until 630pm then can go in T.T
overall not bad ^^

Chili Crab said...

I hate prank callers too!!! They are so so annoying!!!

vertigonick said...

i only noticed the pretty lady!! siapa!!!!

eric said...

Awesome pics man..In TARC for couple of years now, but have never been to TT nite before