Friday, July 3, 2009

Nuffnang's Guinness 250 LB Campaign

A Short One:

I crave for McDonalds right now. Spicy McChicken. Yum Yum!

Wow! I just received an email from Nuffnang informing me that I will be running another Ad campaign in my blog again. This time it's from Guinness.

(sorry for the blur image. You may click to enlarge if you want to)

I might just be another banner ad but I treat this as something which doesn't come often. Yeah, yeah, I know you professional bloggers treat this as some small fry Ad but hey, to achieve something big, you need to start somewhere right?

So once the Ads are up in my blog, remember to click 'em!

Will update more soon. C ya!

7 comments: said...

they email you coz it's alcohol related, and if your blog is alcohol-free you should inform them..

it's like any adverts la.. just that they wont email you when they allocate the advert to your blog..

nothing special about it.. lol =)

iriene said...

Congrats, a good offer. Don't know when will be my turn.. :)
btw, i had just nang your Digi ads...
do drop by when u r online, tks!

David Jr said...

Hi, I thought when you sign up at NN, they ask you if you are willing to run ads for Beer and Cigarettes?

Interesting. Let us know how the returns are :)


vertigonick said...

guinness? ok i click! bwahahah

maRCus said...

fwah.. can sk ppl to click adds wan meh? not scared NN marah ah? hehez

Dylan Phuah said...
yeah, i least i have sum ads running in my blog. haha!

hehe, it will soon be ur turn. ^^

David Jr:
yupe! i clicked yes! :D

thank you thank you!

hehe..hush hush~

❤ I love to blog ❤ said...

cool.. nowadays nuffnang dnt have any popout ads