Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Animals Which Should Not Be Born Into This World

Remember about the prank callers in my previous post? They fucking called again. Damn, these animals should never been brought into this world. It's not worth sharing our air and space with these creatures.

They fucking piss me off! Anymore then I think I'm going for the authorities.

Here are their fucking numbers by the way.

016-426 4845
017-416 4744

Do whatever you want with their numbers.


Luna said...

i think u can block d number @@
but i dunno how...
sry cant help much

Iriene said...

Hv u tried calling using other telephone, and do they answer?
May be, u shld do like what Luna
said, block those number from your hp. If u r using Maxis, u can call
& report to Maxis and find out how to block, tks!

RAin said...

haha nothing you can do.. people has the freedom to call whenever they want, as long as they have money. Even the customer service cant help you to do anything about it.. i was a customer service before and i received some complaints like yours. Only thing you can do is switch off ur fon when sleep :D.. or change number.

Malessa Rz said...

you should go to digi and maxis to complain bout it. or simple, change your number. heh! =)

Hurley said...

lol, that means you are popular!
It's been a while, how r u bro?

yienyien said...

huhuhu! i think i can call digi customer service and tell them about it..... if not.. u can sent some message to the prankers

For example:

I know i m attractive, but i don like u.. so don make urself look so low! HAHAHAHA!!