Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oriental Style Sushi

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Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, today's the day where by I did not listen to what she said. It's gonna be a food post for today.

I'm going to teach you all how to make your very own Sushi! Are you crazee for sushi? Do you have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, the sushi I'm going to teach you to make today ain't the ordinary Japanese style sushi. We all are getting bored of that same old style. Today, I'm going to teach you how to make Sushi oriental style, with a touch of western taste.

Let's start! The ingredients are:
1) Rice
2) 2 eggs
3) Chinese sausage (you can use any type of meat that you prefer)
4) Spaghetti
5) Soya sauce
6) Salt
7) Cooking oil

Well, first you need to cook the rice. I used one cup of rice (depending on how many sushi s you want to make). Then I just threw in the Chinese sausage to cook together with the rice. It's easier this way. If you are using any other meat, then you have to get it cooked first yeah! Chicken, duck or whatever.

In the mean time, boil some water to cook the spaghetti. You will use this to tie your sushi together at the end. I'm using just a few erm, strands of spaghetti. Put a little salt into the boiling water for taste, just like how you normally cook spaghetti.

After doing so, crack two eggs into a bowl. Once again, add a pinch of salt and soya sauce for taste. Mix it all together.

Heat up your frying wok or non-stick pan if you have one. Here, I'm using a small wok. Though small, it's very useful! Pour the eggs batter in and leave it for awhile, do not scramble the eggs. You want to make sure it's in perfect flat shape. Flip the eggs for it to cook on the other side.

Yeah, so I failed to flip the eggs over properly. Pfft! So anyways, the eggs are supposed to look a little bit more flatter than this. When everything is cooked (rice, spagetthi and eggs), take the fried egg and cut it into rectangular shapes. Then, cut the Chinese sausage into small pieces too. Like the cucumbers in the Japanese sushi.

I know my fried eggs look weird. Forgive me. The next step is to put the cooked rice on one side of the eggs, then put one or two small pieces of Chinese sausage on top of the rice.

Sorry for making it look messy, this is the first time I'm trying out this recipe! So, the final step to this amazing recipe is to tie it roll everything up and you use the spaghetti to tie it all up. The final result should be something like the picture below...


I was hoping that i'll succeed in making this recipe and then by tommorrow i'll be flying all over the world to press conferences and tv recordings to be the most talented chef! Hmm, I'll dream on I guess.

Will practise more on this dish to make it perfect next time. Hehe... Hey' I'm not a bad cook okay? I do know how to cook other stuff too. Haha!

Oh, I guess I'll just go out for JCo's Doughnuts!

These look more appetizing aite?


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haha...nice try...feed the bigmouth if u wan

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EPIC FAILURE? wahahaah..

nice one. bloggers reli one of a kind la. canwrite about practiically EVERYTHING! LOL

ps. chics dig guys who can cook k.. or even attempt to cook.. ahaha.. and im so proud of you! LOL