Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stressed Over Preparations

I'm back for another post!

I went to the Education Fair held in Syuen Hotel (20th March 2008). So, I woke up, bathe, took myself about an hour to get dressed and stuff! Finally, I'm on my way...

By the time I got th e re, there were already lots and lots and lots of people! And i thought everybody would still be sleeping at home. =S (guess i was wrong). Anyway, I entered the hall only to find out that it was even more cramped up inside! Can't ev en walk! Had to squeezed through everyone there..hate it! Initially, I planned to ask a few other colleges about my courses but seeing that the whole place is 'sardine packed', I didn't really had the mood to ask anything. haha! So, I just walked around a few times, grabbing pieces of brochures which where handed out by representatives from their respective college.

I bumped into a few friends, followed them around for awhile, talked awhile, etc etc.

Not much benefit from today *crap* and I didn't manage to capture any pics.

After days of advertising for a roomie/housemate. I finally got a message from my friend, June! She offered me to stay at her place at Taman Melati. Yeah! I don't have to worry about staying at the hostel anymore!
She sent me pics.

They have electrical appliances too!

Accomodation: [checked]
All the other stuff:
[ ] *argh!*

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