Thursday, March 27, 2008

Need A House

(Note: this entry was typed out yesterday)

I’m feeling stressed out today! Why? Because my lodging problems are back again!

Here’s what went wrong…
I woke up today, like every other day. Checked my phone for messages I missed out last night. Then, continued sleeping. (yeah, I’m not a morning person). So, I twirled and rolled on mua bed, enjoying the great feeling of ‘waking up and goin back to sleep’. Moments later, my phone beeped. Grabbed it.

*1 new message* it read.


It was a message from ‘my soon to be house mate’.

I was curious what the content of that message was. I thought she wants me to confirm whether I was going to move into her condo or not.

(Click…reads message)

She asked me to get a backup plan for my accommodation when I come to college. It was because her friend might not be renting out the extra space in the condo anymore!! Well, as far as I know I’m homeless again…*crap*

Last resort: Hostel (yikes!)

Anyways, my plan for today was to go out with my ex-colleagues. They were those who worked with me in SUB before. JJ was where we were supposed to meet.

Rae and I

miacco and Rae

So, we met up. Had lunch and later went for a movie. I watched Spiderwick again! It was my second time watching this film. Not so interesting watching the film twice, the suspense is gone but there were some funny parts. Still laughed at those scenes.

However, before the movie we still had time for this…

Had to had some candid shots inside the sticker picture machine. Haha!

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