Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hey peeps, I'm back once again after the few years I went missing from the blogging world. I’ve been wanting to be back here much sooner but time just doesn’t allow me to do so. I’ve been busy with work and stuff. So here’s what I have to say…

Finally, I have completed a huge chapter in my life. After years of schooling, 15 years if I’m not mistaken (2yrs in kindergarten, 6yrs in primary school, 5yrs in secondary school, 2yrs pre-U), I can finally close this chapter in my life. No more uniforms, no school rules, no more nagging teachers, no more exam stress, and the list goes on…

But school ain’t that bad. Come to think of it, once you step out of school for the very last time, you tend to miss those schooling days. You’ll miss your old friends, you’ll miss your teachers (yea, even though some are crappy), you’ll miss those great times you had with your pals. Good times and bad times.

Here’s a glimpse into some of many memorable moments of my schooling life…

The memories are still fresh in my mind even though its been a few years back. I can still remember, back when I was a Fifth Former, I’d be sitting near the door and I’d always be on the lookout for teachers who were walking towards our class. Sort of like a teacher alert warning system. That’s what students do. My Form Five years were filled with excitement so to say.

After the final exam (SPM), most of use went our separate ways…some went to college while some went overseas. We’d still keep in touch once in awhile but maybe everyone’s busy with their studies that we couldn’t have much time to contact each other that much.

My plan was to go to college but somehow I ended up in Form Six. At least I’m back in St. Michael’s. Doing Form Six isn’t too bad after all. I’d certainly learned a lot in this one and a half years. Plus, I’ve gained a lot of experience too. What’s more is that I made new friends along the way. The best moments were towards the end of our schooling life, that’s when we were all studying for STPM. We’d be staying up late in La Salle Centre trying to cram every single information on the subjects we were studying for. Those late nights were the best. Every time when we get restless, we’ll start to talk, joke around, go out for midnight snacks…I can still remember the coffee breaks! Then came bedtime, where we slept for a few hours only to wake up in the middle of the night to study again! Most of the times, I just sleep through the night! This routine went on until the last paper for STPM…

Of course, there was the Sixth Form Night held in Ipoh City Country Club. That too was a night to remember…

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Having said so much, it is certain that my school life will be something I truly miss.


After turning that last page, the next part of my life begins…

I can say that this chapter begins when I got my job as a part-timer in Subzero Kinta City.
It wasn’t all fun for my first day nor was it that bad. I did iron a whole lot of clothes though! Took me few hours to do so!

I did make new friends. What’s funny is that I thought all of them were elder than me and was permanent workers. To my surprise, most of them just finished their Form Five and were waiting for their results. They are fun people to work with. Laughing non-stop and crapping the whole day! Day after day we’d be working together, getting scolded once in awhile..that’s all part of work. Because Chinese New Year was approaching, customers were flocking in non-stop! It was hectic if you ask me. Things started to slow down a few days after CNY. That’s when I get to relax abit.

Nothing much to say here, just the same routine everyday (work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep…)
I have finally resigned from work two days ago. Right now I’m getting my deserved rest time.

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