Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Juz Kol Day by XPax


Yes! A call made on Juz Kol Day costs almost nothing at all!

Have you made a call to your loved one recently? If you have not, then why not make that call today! A call to your loved ones means a lot to them. Make that call to your family and friends you care about.

A simple gesture will be able to bring two person closer.

Just take a couple of minutes off from typing that document at work or stop surfing the Internet for a moment, pick up that phone and Juz Kol!

Spread the word about Juz Kol Day all over the social media network and let us make the world a better place with more caring people.

Let us all celebrate Juz Kol Day, make that call now.

Juz Kol Day is brought to you by XPax.

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