Saturday, May 26, 2012

KARA's Mr. Butt Dance

I have been watching Invincible Youth Season 2 lately and since then I have learned more about other Kpop artists. This time, I've found a new group to follow.



However, there are only two members who I am aware of right now. JiYoung and Hara.


Hara I've gotten to know after watching the drama series City Hunter. She played the annoying President's girl in that series. Didn't really like here character there. She was too annoying. Haha!

city hunter

Goo Hara in City Hunter
Then there is Kang JiYoung who is now in Invincible Youth Season 2.

JiYoung in Invincible Youth 2

However, Hara still stands as my favourite at this moment.

But this post is not over yet. Though I might be late getting into the Kpop entertainment but good videos are never too late to be shared which is why I am sharing to you one of KARA's famous music video, Mister.


Goo Hara FTW!

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