Friday, July 9, 2010

Talentime Night 2010 | Glitzz (Part 1)

Finally, Part 1 of Talentime Night 2010 is up! I have to break my cover story up into a few parts because there are just too many pictures for them all to be edited into one post. So, do follow my blog if you want the whole scope of TT Nite 2010 GLITZZ!

This first part of my Cover Story for TT Nite 2010 will be dedicated to all ex-TT finalists. If you happen to be an ex-TT finalists, do leave me a comment below yeah! :)

talentime night 2010 glitzz 1
talentime night 2010 glitzz 2 be continued.

Do come back for Part 2!


Xiaopei said...

It seems so much fun if compared with my campus :)
I mean, really talent time.

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

Supporting your blog.


Rain said...

it's marilyn monroe not madonna. lol.

Le Wei said...

appreciate your hard work!! so free to edit, anyway good job!

Anonymous said...

thanks man!!!!!

Jessy said...

waiting for Part 2!