Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project O&O: An Interview With Kenny Mah

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For this blog post, I had posted up a short interview with Kenny Mah about his whole experience during Project O&O. First and foremost, I would like to thank Kenny for spending some time for this session. So here we go!

What makes you join Project O&O in the first place?
Didn't join because I thought it's just any other Facebook competition until Josheen persuaded me to join. So I just submitted a picture and start posting the link on my wall. Then, I browsed through the prizes and I was amazed! To appear in magazines and to have photo taken by Edmund Tham. Wow! That kept my head in the game. haha.

Tell us about your experience on getting ‘LIKES’.
Haha...Ok erm...I started posting the link on my wall, then, my friends who supported me started sharing the links. My cousins, housemates, my course mates, friends from other courses and campuses helped me a lot! They went all out especially during the tight race in preliminary and final round to pull votes for me. I'm very grateful. Also, I felt really bad for posting the link continuously on my wall. Some complained that I spammed their home page by continuously posting on my wall. haha..

kenny mah 1

What was your feeling when you were announced as the Top 4?I'm very thankful to have my friends and family members supporting me. People whom I have not met in person helped me alot too! Very blessed. I was excited to go back to KL for the photoshoot. Nervous at the same time but mostly overwhelmed by excitement.

kenny mah 2

Tell us about your experience on the makeover and photoshoot session.
It was awesome. Every single minute of it! I got to meet the organizers, Jon Wong and Leo Isaiah, who are university students as well. After knowing them, I was so inspired by their work and what they have achieved at such a young age. I believe they will make it big someday. Also, we got a chance to meet the other two contestants, Qwen and Andrew. They were nice to hang out with.

Makeover session. I liked the hair color and design they gave me! Nope, no tears, no dramas, just haircuts. haha. Maybe Josheen had. You gotta ask her. Haha. Famous bloggers were there too. I was stunned for a while and didn't know what to do. They were snapping pictures all the time and I was not used to it! So I just looked at the camera and smiled but they ended up calling me a cam-whore =.= haha, but it was really fun with them!

Photoshoot. Tiring. I thought it was going to be a studio shoot but after Edmund briefed us about the concept and showed us the location of the shoot, again, I was excited! Haha.. Josheen and I helped each other in poses the night before the photoshoot. We wanted to fully take advantage of this great opportunity and do our best and of course, inspire Edmund Tham when he was shooting us =) hope we did.

Has winning Project O&O changed your life? Will it?
Project O&O has changed my life in so many ways. I became closer to my friends, I've made new friends, and I have expanded my portfolio. The greatest lesson that i have learnt was the never- giving-up attitude. If we want something so badly, we will do all it takes to get it, and it requires lots of hardwork. But as we all know, hardwork pays off. And I'm glad that it did. Will it change my life? I hope it will =)

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And that's it! 5 questions that summarised the whole GREAT experience of joining Project O&O! One again I would like to congratulate Kenny Mah for being one of the FIRST WINNER for Project O&O!

Visit Project O&O's Official Website at
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Photo credits to Kenny Mah, Project O&O and Edmund Tham


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