Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stuck in the Boyband Era

You know what the term 'stuck in the ice age' means but the question here is, 'Are you stuck in the boyband era?' Are you one of them. I think I am.
I haven't put much thought into this but just was recently reminded by my lecturer, he said, 'if you guys are still stuck in the boyband era, then it's time to think that you're already getting old'. Or something like that. So then I thought, hey, that's me. Haha! Yeah, music after the millennium doesn't really please me anymore. Boybands evolved into grown-up-bands and they they split and get extinct. Soon came the invasion of hip hop, punk, rap and many many others...yikes!

If you're born sometime around the time I was or maybe a few years earlier you would have heard of the boyband 911. That was the first ever boyband I ever listened to.

Recognise these guys?
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Hey wait, the first ever song I listen to was Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree. Great song. Ancient history song. Haha!

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree
I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning turning turning turning turning around
And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree

Onto another point, if you guys listen to music of the late 90s, have you notice that the songs on most singers of the first and second albums usually sound really nice and when they progress further, their songs usually suck?! I'm not sure what you think, but that's what I think. Like seriously from pretty girl next door to slutty girl at the back alley. Not that I mind the outfit (ngek ngek), it's just that the music is crap for me.

Note: Britney Spears (very good example eh?)

Girl next door
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Still girl next door
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Latest album...hmm? Get what I mean?
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So well, the millennium came and so did the Y2K virus. The end of boybands, some new ones were emerging but weren't really successful. Then there's music from solo artists such as Jesse McCartney and others which I don't really remember right now. Music which I still like but they weren't staying for long. So yeah, whatever, I'm old and stuck in the ice age and in the era of boybands and VCRs.

Here's some music videos for those of you old peeps. Check out Rachel Steven's. She's hot! And also a steamy MTV of Jesse McCartney's Leavin. Enjoy!

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S Club 7 - Show Me Your Colours

Jesse McCartney - Leavin'


Joanne Chan said...

I think our age are pretty much the same, or I'm older?! Still remember S Club 7 - Never had a dream come true. Great song + great memory.... I love The Moffatts too.. Boyzone, Savage Garden...etc! I miss all that... I hope to be youth again :(

erictbk said...

eh, so true lar, BSB, westlife, spice gals, the corrs, etc... miss those music.
& yeah, rachel is hot! she's the one i like the most in S Club 7 too...

maRCus said...

huuuuu!! what a walk down memory lane!! LOL

my fave was 911 too!!! but i started off with Fool's Garden's LEmon Tree also. wakakaka...

S Club 7, BSB, NSYNC (bestest after 911..haaa), Hanson, Moffatts, 5ive....

SO many the many!! LOL

i shud blog about them one dat too. LOL

Cmate said...

I love all the good old songs...there are more emotionally tune to the spirit. Boyband era or whatever, I love them!