Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Beginning of a New Chapter

Well, I guess I'm back into blogging once again, after 3 months going missing. I've been going on and off haven't I? Can't help it, when I'm into something else, my thirst to blog seems to go away. Been real busy with my blogshop business these past 5 to 6 months or so. Having it set up so nicely in the beginning only to feel exhausted in the end, which is now. Will talk more about this soon or maybe not so soon.

I did actually wanted to come back into the blogging world a little bit sooner but then again I wanted a new header banner and a new layout if I do so. At that time I was just too lazy to do all the editing. Had many great topics to write about at that time. Maybe I'll post it up, one day. Anyway, the thing that got me back into blogging was actually because of me having Photoshop lessons in class and most of my course mates currently have a blog. So, why not?! Why not blog again? So here I am, in front of the screen, typing words into this small rectangle which seems to be positioned akwardly. Posting words into the world wide web not knowing if anybody will notice my re-occurence and actually reading what I am typing now.

Maybe a short update about myself since the time I left cyberspace. I've withdrawn from my Financial Accounting course (bye bye ACCA! :[ ) kinda sad actually for me having to withdraw and not complete a course. I really hope to complete my Diploma but there are reasons whereby I just can't make it. So, that's that. Damn! This feeling sucks. Can't imagine the opportunities I can get if I can just have an extra Diploma in hand. Well, a month or so after that I enrolled myself into a new course in Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) and that's where I am now, taking up Diploma in Multimedia Design. I guess this suits me better? I can tell you the truth that I enjoy Photoshop more than Debits and Credits :D. Wish me luck!

Besides that, as some of you may know that I now own a blogshop. The idea of setting up a blogshop came when I bought something online. So I thought, hey, this cannot be that hard. And here I am once again, doing something and learning something starting from scratch. Yeah, I've hit hard rocks and jumped over huge mountains at first. Marketing a new blogshop isn't easy. You'll get the idea if you have a blog yourself. You don't get much visitors during the early stages right? It's the same idea with a blogshop. Crap it was hard. But I guess some of my effort paid off. I do get regulars once in awhile. Hope they will continue being my regulars. Thanks you guys! Erm, gals mostly!

A little intro about my blogshop. It's named One Stop 3008. Currently it caters mostly for the females. Products ranging from clothing, face and eye masks, bikinis and lingeries and also bags! Besides that there are also some stylish clothes available for the guys. And the hip thing now are cosmetic coloured contact lens. That too are available in my blogshop. Click the banner below for a visit.

So I guess that's all the updates about me. Nothing much happened. What a life, eh?!

I'm going to run you guys through my new chapter of college life right now. Well, I've moved into my own room right now. I can get a little more privacy this time. Better for studies too right although there's nothing much to study for my course. It's already Week3 in the First Semester and yet nothing much is happening yet. Back in the other times, when I was studying in School of Business Studies, notes would have been piled up as high as a mountain already but right now my mountain is as flat as a piece of pancake. Haha! So much for notes! Being in a course that is based and assessed mostly on assignments, nothing much has been given or taught this past weeks. I'm like so free compared to last time. I think I would be studying for my mid-term already back then. I need to do something, I been wasting too much time already. Give me someting, please?

Nothing much to say about the people, too many students = can't know everyone. Not a good thing. So, I guess whoever is reading this, do walk up to me and say hi yeah?! I won't bite. :D

I guess this post is getting a little bit too long already. Half of you might even be sleeping reading halfway through. So, I'll just keep my thoughts for next time.

Take care.


吸血绵羊 said...

lolx... hey dylan~
drop by to say hi ya..
haha its so ngam ler
today i oso updated my blog
from may till now lolx not as long as u la ^^
dun see my blog the date coz
the post edited one i mean the time =D
u sure u wont bite ppl mer..~~
u bully ppl only muahah

erictbk said...

oh, so now you changed to multimedia design dy?still in setapak?

Dylan Phuah said...

吸血绵羊: i'm so good. where got bully people de. :)

erictbk: yupe, studying multimedia design now and still in setapak. hehe!