Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is College A Conspiracy Scam In Malaysia?

I came about this video some time ago and I have recently watched it again and I just wondered, are colleges and universities in Malaysia a conspiracy scam? So here are some points I have gathered from the video.

Point 1: College text books have no resale value.
This is true for selected text books we use. Usually Extra Mural Studies textbooks are reprinted every year which then forces students to buy new books instead of getting second hand copies.

Point 2: Inflation.
After you graduate, you income will not cover up for all your college expenses.

Point 3: Loans. (PTPTN)
You are already in debt when you start college.

Point 4: Easy loan access
The government gives out easy loan access without having a proper background check whether they will be able to pay back in the future.

Point 5: Taxpayers pay for the 'un-returned funds'
The government allows for a certain time period before you need to pay back the loan. For instance, right after you find a job only will you be asked to pay back the loan. So, what happens when you cannot find a job? This is when the taxpayers fill up the un-returned funds of the government. The taxpayers do not directly pay back your loans for you, but some how, these lost funds need to be re-filled.

Point 6: Money is printed to pay back the un-collected debts
Resulting in hyperinflation.

Point 7: Students often use these loans for non-academic purposes

Point 8: The government needs to get out of the education business
Private banks need to reenter the business which only allow loans to students who will be able to pay them back. This wil result in colleges reducing their tuition fees to compete with other colleges.

(Harder for a student to get a loan = Less students = Less colleges needed = Lower tuition fees)

Point 9: Invest in gold and silver now
In four years time, you'll be richer than your graduate friends.

Point 10: A college degree is worthless if everyone else has one

You'll earn more with a college degree compared to those that do not have a college degree.

Fact: You are actually losing more money while you are in college.
Tuition Fees (4-6 years) + Loans + Inflation + Lost Income of not working + Loans Interest = Losing more money than what you earn in a lifetime.

Point 12: Many professions advertise that their graduates get a job quick after they graduate (eg: medicine, law school)

However they fact is that the statistics gathered doesn't care if you enter that profession or not (pharmacists, lawyers, etc), as long as you have a job (eg: fast food joint, waiter, etc) you will be entered into the statistic.

Scam of statistics.

Point 13: For the country to get rich, people need to grow food, do mining, drill for oil

Agriculture is the source of income. Everyone needs to eat.

Fact of life.


How true is all of this? Think about it. Let me know.

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