Thursday, February 10, 2011

Youth Empowering Another Human

Creating awareness.

It is all about one person inspiring another person to act together in saving the the people from real world issues. Everyday there are news about wars, poverty, diseases, political wars, education related problem and many more. Some might not get into the news but indeed is an issue if you think about it. Things like our dying culture.

So, I am going around asking people there opinions on this and what they can do to solve this problem. Which comes to my '2 Question Interview'.

1) In relation to real world issues, what do you want to see a change in the most?

2) What have you done / will you do / do you wish to do, to make that change happen?

If you would like to help out, send me your answers to my email ( or you can type it in the comments section and I will add it up into this blog post.

Now let's see what the people have to say.

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Serge from
1. What i would like to see change most is for child abuse in any form to be no more. It is unfortunate that even at this day and age, child abuse runs rampant in the world. From child prostitution, to physical abuse from parents to just about everything that makes me puke my lungs out just thinking about it.

2. Right now the only thing that I have done so far is helping out children to speak up about child abuse if they are victims of one. Promoting UNICEF, volunteering for any organization that is against child abuse.
PeiPei Foo, Student
1. The change i want the most would be increase in awareness towards animals cruelty, be it domestic animals or wild animals. Shall begin with domestic animals!
People nowadays are imbecile that they spent so much money buying pure breed animals but to torture them dreadfully. Take the recent case for instance; Sushi the brown toy poddle. What kind of nincompoop owners will actually train their dogs that way? Kicking, slapping, throwing, forcing, choke-slamming are forms of torment and abuse! Animals should have animals’ right too like human do! When can only human start behaving like real men and not heartless beasts? In fact, what actually differentiate between men and beasts is that men have the ability to use their brain to think and act accordingly. But when men misuse the ability (eg, animals cruelty), this is wat makes them worse than a beast!There were so many cases of animals abusing nowadays; stupid teenager threw helpless puppies into the lake, dim-witted bunch of guys threw down a Golden Retriever from a bridge, innumerable cases of burning domestic animals (mouse,hamster, cat, dog, rabbit) alive, the emergence of crush-fetish organizations that have been growing like shit-hell-fast. I mean, wtf is crush-fetish organizations??? If you bloody have some sort of mind disorder that you need to crush bone to feel satisfied; I give you three beautiful options:

1)    Consult a psychiatric to treat your meaningless disease/illness
2)    Crush your own bones!
3)    Kill yourself

Honestly, I know it’s not easy to heal mentally disordered patients. But crush-fetish??? It’s bloody easy to heal them man. I shall crush their bone, let them feel THE PAIN then they shall stop crushing animals instead! Isn’t that good?
Animals are innocent! Even wild animals like lion, tiger, etc etc only kill for survival. They kill to eat, to SURVIVE! Human kill for i-don’t-know-what-reason.

1)    Kill an innocent big fat elephant to bloody get its innocent SMALL teeth for decoration purposes! I just cannot understand why this is happening!
2)    Kill a shark (indirectly) just to get the fin!!!!! Just stop eating shark fin soup for heaven’s sake. There are plenty food available! Go eat abalone instead!
3)    Kill a harmless deer for the head to hang on the wall.

I mean if human killed for the purpose of survival is acceptable. But killing for nonsensical purposes,  FOR WHAT!!! Even now human have found their foolish way of eating:

1)    Cook fishes alive and eat them slowly while the fishes are still breathing.
2)    Eat monkey’s brain while the monkey are still very fucking alive
3)    Foie gras!! (so heart-breaking!)
4)    Etc etc etc etc

Seriously, there are toooooooooooooooooooooo many cases of animals’ cruelty and I can’t help to look at it! Animals’s cruelties have become increasingly worrying and it seems like there is no way to stop it. If there is one thing that I would love to see a change most in today’s society,it would be AWARENESS TOWARDS ANIMALS CRUELTY!

2. So far, I done nothing much to make the change happen, except for some minor stuffs:

1)    Donating money to aid investigation of animal cruelty
2)    Reporting to SPCA when animal abuse was encountered
3)    Stopping brainless teenagers who tried to act macho by kicking or throwing stones to stray dogs
4)    Signing every petition that deals with animals cruelty (every time I found any)

That’s all I did so far because my power is limited as I am still a fucking penniless student. Since I am still super busy with my studies, I don’t have the time to join the force of saving animals yet.
What will I do in the future?

1)    Donate as much as I can to help SPCA and Furry Friend Farm
2)    Become a volunteer to forces that save animals (like those in foreign countries, love them!)
3)   To launch a protest against crush-fetish organization, Chinese restaurants that sell shark fin soup, Foie gras,
4)    Sue every owners who torture domestic animals and make sure that either they are sent to jail or pay fine up to AT LEAST rm10,000 ( rm200 fine is bloody just not enough)
5)    To hire private investigators to locate nincompoop who video themselves abusing animals.

Since everything that I want to do needs money, I need more money. Thus, my initial step would be finding more people to fund for my effort!
“they give money, I give energy”