Friday, August 28, 2009

Back in Action!


So, for the past 14 weeks I have been really busy with college assignments! That's why I have not been updating my previous blog regularly. I don't even have time for Facebook!

But now, I'm done. Finally, the end of the semester is here. This means that I have more time on my side to do what I want to do, which includes more time to update my blog.

As you all know, I'm blogging with a whole new theme. Comic style. High hopes for returning readers. Do help me promote my little bloggie. Oh, yeah! I too provide design service for anybody of you out there who needs them. Do drop me a message if you're interested. :D

Now, back to my online fun. Surfing the web.


King Rool said...

lol. Week 14 is so dreadful, even for me! Assignment deadlines, one after another just keeps on coming.

Srsly kills. haha.

erictbk said...

oh, so your old blog no longer using ge lar?

vertigonick said...

heyyo eggy dylan creature...

Dylan Phuah said...

King Rool:
haha! yeah..but assignments can be fun, for me that is ;]

the old blog is taking a break and having a kit kat! :D

hello vertigo!