Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Steven's Tea Garden Investment Scheme

I'm sure most of you who stays in Klang Valley will know of this place called Steven's Corner. For those of you who doesn't know, it's actually a mamak stall which started of as 'Sri Komalah Restaurant', which then changed it's name to Steven's Corner. Now, it is evolving and further upgrading itself to Steven's Tea Garden.

For more detailed information on Steven's Corner and Steven's Tea Garden, visit their official websites.

Right now, Steven's Tea Garden is offering investment schemes to its customers. Here is how it sounds like. I will try to make it as simple as possible.

How do I know all these stuff? That's because I stumbled upon it on the internet and I just went out with some people yesterday night to Steven's Tea Garden in Sunway to listen to its plan.

There are four plans or package for you to invest in (Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum).
Classic Members start of by investing RM3,300 into STG and with that they get a monthly income of RM150 for 40 months. Besides that, they will get RM50 food points every month for 60 months. Upon registering, they will also be entitled to get RM300 food points at the beginning.

Following me? Here's more.

Silver Package: RM9,900
- RM900 food points
- RM150 food points/month for 60 months
- RM450/month for 40 months

Gold Package: RM 16,500
- RM1,500 food points
- RM250 food points/month for 60 months
- RM750/month for 40 months

Platinum Package: RM33,000
- RM3,000 food points
- RM500 food points/month for 5 years
- RM1,500/month for 50 months

I guess that's the correct info I have given out but wait, there's more.

There is also a direct referral plan, where you start of small (RM3000) and you make your way right up till the top (RM33,000)! *Think multi-level-marketing*

I can't really explain how this thing works here because I myself ain't too sure what's happening and it's too complicated to explain in words. HAHA! To me, it looks even more complicating than the normal mlm/direct sales scheme! YIKES!

You can read about this in forums too. I've linked up threads below.
You just have to go into one of the threads and there will be more links inside. The story is very very juicy! People are arguing about the scheme, discussing whether it is a SCAM or a perfect business plan.

So anyways, what do you guys think about this? A scam or not a scam? That is the question.

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eshark said...

In you are promoting your biz don't la condemn on others. Shame on you... You will never success in any biz you do if you continue to do like this. Are STG threat to you? I think so. Because you are not comparing with other than STG... Got you!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are right my friend... Indeed Steven Tea Garden is a 'SCAM'... They have shown their true color now (at last). They have stop making payment(ads fees) to their members since July'09. Got Burn looooo.....
I am lucky enough to stay away because it too good to be true....!!!
In the beginning they already planed to cheat...........!!!!!